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Agus Wibowo

Name: Agus Wibowo
Age: Born in 1981
Location: Indonesia
Total drawing
I ussually work with pencil first for sketch, then put some ink
And finally clearly on PC Or put some color on that.
Social Media:

Pauline Colombani // c3po.lette

Name: Pauline Colombani // c3po.lette
Location: France
Artist Since: 2017

I’ve always been a big fan of Coki greenway’s artwork, so I’ve started to associate some cartoon character with dark/horror background and vivid color.
I’m working on my style everyday, it evolves at the same time as myself.

Do you do other things besides clothing designs? Comics, graffiti, tattoos?
I usually work with metal band on every kind of medium (album cover, logo, merchandising…) i’m also doing some video stuff (captation, live report, logo animation or lyrics video...)

How do you work? Digitally or by hand with a brush and paint, spray can, pencil, etc.
I use more often Wacom tablet for my drawings, but sometimes I like to go back to basics and draw with ink on real paper !

zoer project

Name: zoer project
Age: 27
Location: Indonesia
Do you do other things besides clothing designs? Comics, graffiti, tattoos?:
Album Covers 
How do you work?
Digitally or by hand with a brush and paint, spray can, pencil, etc. :
Digital Handdrawn, sometimes use Pen on Paper
Social Media:


Name: reckyanghost
Age: 22
Location: indonesia , malng city
How long have you been in the Game:
2 years.
How did you find your Style:
It would spring from my Brain
Do you do other things besides clothing designs:
Comics, album cover, game card design , tatto, beer cover , sketdeck and etc.
How do you work:
Social Media:


Name: fadhilfahrianto
Location: Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia
Artist Since: 2019

How do you work: usually create artwork using traditional media, such as pen, paper, pencil and the like. occasionally use digital media

Social media:


Name: Alfi suvi . you can call me Aping or Neizear

Location: indonesia

Artist Since: 2012

I am currently 24 years old. I found my drawing style after running for 7 years experience. I grew up and learned to design self-taught. because of my home environment no one likes or can make designs so far.
I make any T-shirt Illustration, Merchandise, Cover, Poster and Many More ! i've hade experience in this Design/Illustration for 8 years maybe (2012 until now)- I do mostly brutal creatures and demons, Antichrist themed artwork, Inspired by many things such as Politics, legends, biblical stories, and cultural issues .
i'm making design illustration by hands drawn (manually) or with digital process .
some of the work i do is for a band but sometimes i do design for a brand. but not much . priority is a band hahaha .
you can find my work or do you want have a project ? just let me know !
Social Media:
Instagram : Neizear